September 2018

Great News for the BBC in Scotland.

There’s plenty of good news for the BBC in Scotland, as two important steps towards realising our ambitions were confirmed. Yesterday morning, Ofcom formally confirmed its approval for the new BBC Scotland TV channel, which is scheduled to launch in February 2019. This is excellent news and provides Scotland Director Donalda MacKinnon, Commissioner Steve Carson and their teams the springboard to continue planning, with confidence, for launch. In addition, Matthew Postgate, BBC Chief Technology & Product Officer announced the creation of a new BBC design and engineering hub in Pacific Quay, Glasgow. The new hub will invest £4m and create an additional 60 technology and design-led roles in Scotland over the next three years. These new roles will be focusing in three areas – Voice, Education and Platform. They will join the Archives, Education and Platform teams we already have in Glasgow to create a 100+ strong unit, boosting our digital hub at the heart of an already burgeoning Scottish broadcast industry.


Matthew says, “I’m always really impressed by the technological and creative skills I see in Scotland and I want D+E and the BBC to benefit more from that talent pool. We’ve started to advertise some roles, and others will follow over the coming weeks and months. The response has already been amazing – with a sold-out recruitment event in Glasgow and some really promising candidates. We want to create another thriving, best-in-class tech hub that, along with our existing high-performing bases will deliver talent and expertise to help transform the BBC.” Donalda MacKinnon, Director, BBC Scotland added, "Bringing another 60 digital technology roles to Scotland, on top of the 50-plus we already have today, is a sign of the BBC’s commitment to spreading our investment across the UK. These new roles, added to the 80-plus jobs being created in news and the new channel, will build on Scotland’s growing reputation as a media centre of real clout. Ofcom’s decision today is perfect timing, and the teams in Scotland can now work in earnest on commissioning and producing new and original content for the new channel.” This is an exciting time for broadcasting in Scotland and these two latest developments enable the BBC to continue with our ambitions to reinvent the BBC for audiences everywhere.